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Moringa Growers' Co-op
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The Moringa Grower's Co-op is dedicated to growing & selling the highest quality Moringa Tree products. 

Based in Plant City, FL, the Co-op is a community of Certified Moringa Growers offering organic Moringa for people, pets and plant consumption.

Join the Co-op as a Learner, Grower, Seller or Owner-Member.

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The Moringa Growers' Co-op has grown to certify thousands of moringa trees on over 300+ properties in the Tampa Bay area. Earn income growing Moringa in your backyard or as a commercial Moringa Farmer. The Moringa Tree has endless benefits and uses.

About the Co-op:

The Moringa Growers' Co-op (MGC) is a not-for-profit cooperative business owned and democratically controlled by the people/members who use or create its services. The Co-op is member owned and member controlled co-op complete with member benefits.

The Co-op has grown to manage thousands of Moringa Trees on over 300+ properties in the Tampa Bay area. We grow Moringa Trees on Certified Grower Locations in Residential and Commercial properties, churches, community gardens and shared farms.

The Co-op operates at-cost and returns profits from moringa sales at farmers markets and online back to each of the Certified Owner-Members. The Co-op consists of Certified Moringa Growers around the USA and Grower Owner-Members who grow moringa in Florida. There's also a range of Learners and Sellers Affiliated with the Co-op around the world.

There are 2 classes of Certified Moringa Growers, Residential and Commercial Growers. The MGC is considered very unique, classifying it as a producer cooperative. Each Certified Moringa Grower is a producer and the Co-op helps the farmers sell their Moringa Material to consumers as a advertising & marketing agency. 

The Moringa Grower's Co-op is now the industry leader in growing, processing, packaging, distributing and selling organically grown Moringa Trees and Moringa Tree products. The Co-op is one of the largest cooperatives in the country and is truly one of a kind. 

Certified Moringa Learners are interested in taking the Co-op's Learners Courses. Then, after learning, those who plan to help the co-op further, can train others about the benefits of Moringa by becoming a Moringa Educator. First, learn everything there is to know about Moringa with the Co-op, enroll in multiple courses. Then, after you've successfully completed the training, create educational content with the Co-op.  

Certified Moringa Growers can be new or experienced Moringa Growers in the USA and will have or already have Moringa Trees in production. If you can supply now or will be able to supply the Co-op with fresh or dried Moringa Material in the near future, follow a few easy steps to become a Certified Moringa Grower.

Then, after 1-year, become eligible to apply for Owner-Membership if you are a Florida Moringa Grower. Certified Moringa Growers around the USA can still supply the co-op with Moringa Material year after year with a valid Moringa Growers Certificate. Moringa Growers earn $10/kg of dried moringa greens now (2021) and will be able to earn more from the sale of moringa trees in pots, cuttings, flowers, seeds and drumsticks in the near future.

Certified Moringa Harvesters can earn $10/kg of Moringa Material they harvest and prune by taking it to a MGC Certified Moringa Processing Facility the same day as it was harvested.

Certified MGC Moringa Processing Facilities are locations that can dry and process the Moringa Material and ship directly to the Co-op buyers. Earn $10/kg for dried moringa greens processed and shipped from your facility.    

Certified Moringa Sellers are those who want to make an income selling the Co-op's Moringa Material. Join the co-op as a Certified Moringa Seller and white label the co-ops moringa for your retail business and earn cash back from directing others to purchase moringa from the co-op with custom affiliate links. If you have a store or want to start a moringa business, become a moringa seller and source your moringa wholesale from the co-op. 

Certified Owner-Members have completed a full year of the Moringa Growers Certification process and are also Florida Residents. Certified Owner Members have the most responsibility and also share the rights to vote on important issues. Certified Owner-Members also get compensated on top of the moringa they supply to the co-op, in addition to an equal share of profits generated by The Co-op's Moringa Sales distributed amongst all Owner-Members. .  

Available Positions:

Most importantly, the co-op is actively seeking to fill the empty Board of Directors positions. The Co-op is need of a President, Secretary, Membership & Sales Directors and also various committee chair leaders.


We're also seeking to attend farmer's markets and need vendor sellers, moringa growers & harvesters, moringa learners & educators.

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