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Moringa Growers' Co-op
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The Moringa Grower's Co-op is dedicated to growing & selling the highest quality moringa tree products. 

Based in Plant City, FL, the Co-op is a community of moringa growers offering 
organic moringa for people, pets and plant consumption.

Join the Co-op as an affiliate  Learner, Grower, Seller or Owner-Member.

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About the Co-op:

The Moringa Growers' Co-op (MGC) is a not-for-profit cooperative business owned and democratically controlled by the people/members who use or create its services. The Co-op is member owned and member controlled complete with member benefits.

The Co-op has grown to manage thousands of moringa trees on over 300+ properties in the Tampa Bay area. We grow moringa trees on certified co-op locations in residential areas, churches, community gardens and shared farms.


The Co-op operates at-cost and returns profits from farmers markets and online sales to each of the member-owners. The Co-op consists of moringa producer owner-members (growers) and also a range of affiliate learners and sellers.

Co-op Owner-Membership Requirements:

Owner-Members must be Florida Residents. Those interested in joining the Co-op as owner-members must pay a membership fee, each person is required to have an economic stake in the co-op. There must be a 'waiting period' of 1-year from the time a person is interested in becoming a member and submits their membership dues, to the time they become a full member.


There are 2 classes of owner-membership stock available in the Co-op, residential and commercial growers. The MGC is considered very unique, classifying it as a producer cooperative.


The Moringa Grower's Co-op is now the industry leader in growing, providing, packaging and distributing organically grown moringa trees and moringa tree products.The Co-op is one of the largest cooperatives in the country and is truly one of a kind.

Affiliates: The Co-op offers opportunities for moringa Learners, Growers and Sellers to join the Co-op as affiliates. 

Affiliate Learners can help the co-op train others about the benefits of moringa. Start by learning everything about moringa, enroll in multiple courses available with the co-op. Then, after you've successfully completed the training, become a moringa educator. Teach others about moringa. 

Affiliate Growers are moringa producers around the world contributing to the available moringa products for sale. If you are a moringa grower outside of the The State of Florida or grow moringa anywhere in the world, please join the co-op as an affiliate moringa grower. 

Affiliate Sellers are those who want to make an income selling the co-op's moringa. Join the co-op as an affiliate seller and earn cash back from directing others to purchase moringa from the co-op. If you have a store or want to start a moringa business, become a moringa seller and source your moringa wholesale from the co-op. 

Available Positions:

Most importantly, the co-op is seeking to fill the Board of Directors positions. The Co-op is need of a President, Secretary, Membership & Sales Directors and also various committee chair leaders. We're also seeking farmer's market vendors, moringa growers & harvesters, moringa learners & educators.

Please sign-up to the free newsletter and we'll be in touch for membership updates and an opportunity to join the Co-op. Thank you. Email us directly for all applications send CV. 

The Co-op has grown to manage thousands of moringa trees on over 300+ properties in the Tampa Bay area.


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