About the MGC


Since 2015, the MGC has planted thousands of moringa trees on over 300+ properties in the Tampa Bay area. Join Today!

About The Moringa Grower’s

Co-op, Inc.


In 2014, Kendrick Henry began planting moringa trees on private properties throughout the Tampa Bay area. The newly planted moringa trees soon began providing fresh moringa greens.  Looking for ways to share the benefits of moringa with the community Kendrick started attending local farmer’s markets selling moringa trees and products made from them.


Now, The Moringa Grower’s Co-op, Inc. is a for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Florida. The MGC operates at cost and returns profits to each of the members annually in the form of dividends. The MGC has grown to manage thousands of moringa trees on over 300+ properties in the Tampa Bay area, providing moringa trees and fresh hand-made moringa products online and to several local health food stores. The MGC is a worldwide organization with moringa growers on almost every continent offering organically grown moringa for wholesale and retail purposes.


The MGC consists of moringa producer-members (growers) and also worker members who train and educate others to harvest moringa trees and make moringa products from them. There are multiple classes of membership stock available, creating multi-stake opportunities. The MGC is considered very unique, classifying it as a producer-worker multi-stake cooperative.


The MGC is comprised of individuals and representatives of entities, either new to gardening or experienced moringa growers. A team of farmers, retailers, landscape professionals, allied suppliers and others professionally trained and engaged in the moringa tree industry make-up the MGC. The community initiative has now become a leader in growing, providing, packaging and distributing organically grown moringa trees and moringa tree products from the Tampa Bay area and across the globe. The MGC is one of the largest cooperatives in the world and is truly one of a kind.



The mission of the MGC is to educate and inspire others to grow and process moringa trees, providing nutrient dense food for human, animal and plant consumption.  




Geographical Chapters


Membership in the MGC is divided geographically into 13 chapters. These local chapters elect their own officers and managers and each elect a representative to attend the board of director’s meetings.


Much of the MGC ‘sharecropping’ initiative takes place on the chapter level. Members and the public are encouraged to attend their local chapter meetings as well as the MGC headquarters in St. Petersburg for quarterly regional meetings.


Find a local MGC Chapter, for more information contact our offices.




The MGC is structured to include a number of groups of member-leaders with common interests who will form committees, teach workshops and facilitate moringa tree professional training courses.


The best way for moringa enthusiasts and those interested in The Moringa Grower’s Co-op to keep informed of factors affecting the moringa tree industry and the MGC is to stay involved and to participate in the MGC as active members. Through its many activities, the MGC facilitates the pursuit of high professional standards and increased profits.




The MGC Moringa Tree Professional emblem is a recognized hallmark of distinction that shows customers and colleagues alike that you are a trained and certified MGC Moringa Tree Professional.


Leadership of the MGC is provided by an elected Board of Directors who represent an array of professional member-owners, offering guidance to make policy decisions.


The MGC Code of Ethics


Every member of the MGC must subscribe to a code of ethics in order to join the organization. There is a similar code of ethics to which an applicant must subscribe before he/she can become an MGC certified member.



The Moringa Grower’s Co-op, Inc.

MGC | Code of Ethics


-  To regard the moringa tree as a sentient being in its present form to serve us in ways we do not fully know.


-  To hold the moringa tree industry as an honorable and necessary profession, with high standards, and to conduct myself and my business in such a manner as to enhance the standing of my vocation, as an advocate, in its public acceptance.


-  To deal fairly and justly with my customers and to condemn all forms of practices which tend to discredit the MGC or the moringa tree industry or injure its public relations.


-  To strive constantly and assiduously to improve my qualifications and proficiency in the MGC and thereby merit the approbation and esteem of others in and out of the moringa tree industry.


-  To treat each moringa tree and moringa tree product with the utmost care and respect for the tree and also for the consumption of the products made from them.


-  To adhere to the Bylaws of the MGC and to foster its objectives.







In the State of Florida or in Washington, DC, the MGC works to ensure that the moringa tree industry will prosper and act in accordance to the laws of each institution. While in its infancy, the MGC is still able to stand up against the pressures of governmental intervention and in acting as a spokesperson and interpreter for the moringa tree industry.  In many legislative sessions, the MGC is actively involved in working for proposed legislation that will benefit the moringa tree industry and against legislation that has the potential of adversely affecting the industry.


Promotion and Public Relations


Generating business for the members of the MGC is the motivational force behind the MGC’s comprehensive marketing program. By keeping the MGC activities in the public eye, the MGC creates interest in the use of moringa tree material and educates consumers on the importance of dealing with reputable firms. Through its efforts, consumers have learned to associate the MGC’s logo with professional and trusted nursery and landscape operators.




Economic Advantages


Among the numerous economic benefits of MGC membership are discount rates for MGC certification programs, the MGC special events booth space, discounts attending the Annual Moringa Tree Show, the MGC educational programs and advertisements in the MGC online publications as well as a variety of member’s benefit programs. See a complete list at www.MoringaGrowersCoop.org.


Member Communications


The major communication links between the MGC and its members is the Moringa Grower’s Co-op Magazine, featuring information about the moringa tree industry, uses and recipes and the latest legislative, regulatory and MGC news.


Education and Research


A variety of seminars and workshops on moringa production, moringa landscape management, moringa landscape design, MGC retail center management, moringa tree industry innovations, best management practices and moringa sales & marketing are geared to help the moringa tree industry achieve increased profits.  The MGC is a members’ resource center designed to answer questions and assist with problems.  By its nature, it provides a forum for interaction and the exchange of ideas. The MGC also provides funding to support several universities and institutions in researching and concluding evidence to prove the moringa tree can contribute to real-world problems through the MGC Endowed Research Fund at SHARE and the National Moringa Foundation.  






The MGC’s Annual Moringa Tree Show


The MGC is the official sponsor of the Annual Moringa Tree Show (AMTS), a giant event among the moringa tree industry and for all plant shows around the nation.  This annual marketplace in St. Petersburg, FL features unique uses for moringa tree material, moringa tree industry innovations and diversified allied products.  Growing to meet the demands of consumer interest in the moringa tree and related supplies, The AMTS includes exhibitors representing the outdoor moringa market, indoor growing practices, furthering the concept of moringa being an integral part of daily consumption and healthy eating habits and how to design spaces using moringa trees.  Attracting buyers and sellers from all segments of the industry, The Annual Moringa Tree Show brings together the best of the moringa tree industries grower’s, producers, distributors and sellers.


Spectacular displays of moringa trees and landscape designs will be presented as standards of excellence for the moringa tree industry. Moringa material presented at The AMTS, produced annually by the MGC in October, has been described as among the ‘world’s finest moringa’ The AMTS is one of the best vehicles for promotion and market expansion available to growers and suppliers alike.


Exchange of Ideas


In summary, through its umbrella structure, the MGC develops programs and activities to address members’ needs and concerns. It’s 13 local chapters, annual moringa tree show, moringa tree industry certification programs and educational seminars and workshops provide a forum for successful moringa tree professionals. Finally, outstanding member communications bring to the MGC members the latest news about the industry.