Florida Moringa Farm Tour Donations

Why We Want Your Help


Filming and uploading daily videos (while on the road) requires a reliable, mobile media studio.

Funds raised will go towards the following tech: Film equipment, Mobile Media Studio, Reliable, Off Grid Power (generator and solar), Internet devices (and unlimited data plans) to stay connected. To Help with the general costs of video productions.


Thank you for your support. We couldn't do any of this without loyal moringa enthusiasts like you!

Kendrick is about to Embark on a Mission To Visit

'Certified Moringa Growers' in Florida.


To Help Fund This Mission, Your Donation Includes Weekly Emails with Moringa Farm Tour Updates and Notifications of the Most Popular 'Florida Moringa Farm Tour' YouTube Videos.


Support the Mission of Growing Moringa

for People, Pets and Plant Consumption.


Our Goal is to Raise $100,000 for The 'Florida Moringa Farm Tour'


Some Donators Can Gain Full Access to the

'Florida Moringa Farm Tour' - The Full Length Documentary Film (Release Date: 01/29/22)

Not available on YouTube

Kendrick is Passionate about the Moringa Tree.


The Donations Exclusive Rewards


The Florida Moringa Farm Tour - The DOCUMENTARY - A Full Length Film To Be Released 01.29.22. Not Available on YouTube. 

  • Watch the film to experience the best of the journey (in one evening). 

  • See exclusive interviews with us and-and the folks we visit. 

  • Discover special clips not included in the YouTube videos. 

  • Download available to watch anytime (without the internet). 

  • You're free to share with friends or a crowd, at no extra cost.

'Donation' Bonuses!


For your donations, we'll include the following bonuses (FREE).


PLEASE NOTE: These bonuses are ONLY for our 'Donations', so you must act before the campaign ends on August 1st, 2021 at 12 am EST.


BONUS #1 (ALL Rewards $15 or more) - Three extended video tours with some of the moringa farms we visit. These won't be available on YouTube, and you'll get them as we go (you won't have to wait for the documentary :)


BONUS #2 (ALL Rewards $15 or more) - Three raw interviews with some of the moringa farms we visit. These won't be available on YouTube AND you'll get them as we go (you won't have to wait for the documentary :)




"Native to Africa and India, Moringa Oleifera is an ancient tree that has been consumed for thousands of years as a staple food vegetable. Even today, the nutrient rich leaves are used to help combat malnutrition. A daily serving of moringa leaf powder can boost the immune system and can prevent many illnesses."

+ Kendrick Henry, M.Arch

'Florida Moringa Farm Tour'
   * Meet with Kendrick at Your Moringa Farm
   * Receive Your Moringa Growers Certificate + Co-op T-Shirt
   * Includes Benefits & Rewards For Joining The Co-op. 


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