First Sunburn, Now Nutrient Deficiency?

Hello everyone. This week I'll be talking about my Moringa’s battle with nutrient deficiency, leggy seedlings, and my outdoor planting space.

My Moringa have been rather unhappy since they were left in the sun for too long on Easter weekend. I didn't write a blog last week because the seedlings were still in recovery. Many of them have continued to suffer the effects from sunburn. They continue to wilt and turn a bit yellow. Some of them may have even died. I hope those will re-sprout.

If your Moringa seedlings look like mine (below), have faith that they will recover. I did not trim mine before they died down, but I do expect them to re-sprout. Perhaps I should have trimmed them when I saw that the leaves were wilted and brown. Comment below if you have experienced anything like this with your Moringa, or any other plants.

As you can see in the picture above, some of the Moringa are quite yellow. It may be nutrient deficiency. I have been watering them with a liquid fertilizer mixture (NPK of 0.5-0-0). To make this mixture I added a quarter teaspoon of fertilizer to a gallon jug of water. To water them, I gently pour the mixture over the seedlings. Also, I poured water into the base of the tray to allow the nutrients to be absorbed from below.

I review the MGC YouTube channel for tips on starting and keeping the seedlings alive. The Moringa is resilient, but if I run out of patience, seedlings are available for purchase.

Many of the remaining seedlings have become rather “leggy”, tall and skinny with few leaves. I’ll be wrapping a pipe cleaner around them to support them. Once they get a bit bigger I’ll use a kebab skewer and a piece of string to support them. I plan on taking photos of that process for next week’s blog. I want to share my successes and failures with you. If you have ideas, let me know in the comments section below.

I am super excited to start planting my Moringa outside!

The last frost date has passed, and the seedlings are being hardened off. Perhaps I will be able to move some healthy ones outside this weekend. I have cleared some space for them already.

My outdoor planting space is about three feet by eight feet. The soil was dug down one foot to allow for aeration and better water retention. I have been backfilling the space so that I have a good mixture of topsoil and the original dirt. Currently, I need to get more topsoil to mix in. I’ve been using the generic hardware store topsoil that is not super expensive. Once I have the soil ready I’ll transplant the seedlings as well as plant more seeds.

I ordered some seeds from the MGC when I wasn't sure if my seeds would sprout. They are here and they are going to be planted straight into the ground.

I plan to grow using the intense method where the Moringa are grown in close contact with each other. It is a really good method for those of use who cannot grow Moringa outdoors all year, but you do want to start a lot of seeds. Next year I may try using the Moringa Tree Grow Kit to start my seedlings.

I will write more about the methods that I will be using to transplant and grow my seedlings outside.

How are your Moringa doing? How do you grow them? Comment below to share your story or ask questions of myself or the MGC team!

Until next time,

~ Theresa

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