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Hi Everyone! I am Theresa Sowko, a person with never-ending curiosity. I believe in life-long learning and growing. Starting or owning a business has been a life goal for me since I was about eight years old. To start with, I’m going to grow Moringa in both a pot and a raised bed garden. Moringa got my attention because it is a versatile superfood. I hope to someday expand my growth widely, both in knowledge and Moringa. In the meantime, I like to learn and try out new Moringa products from The Moringa Tree Starter Kit.

My Moringa journey started after discovering a YouTube video about the health benefits of Moringa. I then did a bit more research, and I was hooked! I purchased some seeds as soon as I could, which was in early March. Unfortunately, I could not start growing the seeds outside until after the last frost date for my area, which is around April 15th. The first frost date for my area is October 30th. So, I’ll need to bring in some of my plants in the winter. This is especially important because I live in the 7a or 7b USDA growing zone.

Organic Moringa Seeds from the Moringa Growers' Co-op

The materials I’ve been using to start my seeds are organic potting soil, a growing tray with cone shaped cells (Jiffy, Pro-Hex Seed Starting Tray), and some Organic Moringa seeds. The soil is from my local hardware store and is Whitney Farms Organic Potting Soil. I’ve had my Pro-Hex starting tray for a long time, but a possible alternative is the Cone-tainers SC7R cones. These are 1.5 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches deep and made from recycled plastic. To go with these cones you would need a Cone-tainers tray. The cone shape is the best for Moringa seeds because there is enough room for the taproot to grow downwards. Then, the depth is good for the root development to be healthy. The Moringa seeds I am currently starting are off-brand organic seeds from multiple sources. Though I prefer the ones from the Moringa Growers Co-op.

I have been experimenting with growing conditions when starting seeds indoors. So far, I have planted 54 seeds in batches of 18 per week.

In the first sowing, planted March 9th, 2021, I did not soak the seeds beforehand. I started with dry soil that I watered after planting the seeds. Two of them sprouted on March 24th, 2021.

In the second sowing, March 17th, 2021, I soaked the seeds for one hour before planting them in pre moistened soil. To soak the seeds I got a folded paper towel wet and placed the seeds in between the fold. I placed the paper towel with the seeds on a plate and left it in the sun to heat up the seeds, because I know Moringa loves the heat. The seeds have not sprouted yet, I am hopeful they will.

As the third sowing was on March 23rd, 2021 the seeds will not have sprouted as yet. This time I soaked the seeds for 24 hours before planting them. Once again, I used soil that I moistened first.

I'm enjoying my adventure with Moringa and will keep you all posted!

Please comment below to ask questions of myself or the Moringa Growers' Co-op.

~ Theresa

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