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Greetings and Welcome to the Moringa Growers Co-op in Plant City, Florida. I'm Kendrick Henry, your local moringa farmer. I started planting moringa trees on other people's properties in 2014. Now, the co-op has over 300 locations in the Tampa Bay area where we grow, manage, harvest and process local and organic moringa trees.

I started using moringa about seven years ago and it really helped me with my immune system. It's also really helped to boost my energy levels. Since then, I've been plant-based, using moringa daily as a supplement in my smoothies, in my meals and I really love the benefits and the effects that it's brought me.

In Good Nature,

+Kendrick Henry

There are over 300 known preventative uses for moringa in the human body. Moringa is not only for humans, but also for plants and animals. The Moringa Tree industry is huge and if you'd like the secrets to tap into it, you need to consult with me directly on a one-on-one.

I graduated as an architect from USF just a few years ago and since then, I've been farming the moringa tree locally in the Tampa Bay area.

I started a plant nursery and also founded The Moringa Growers' Co-op. At the Co-op, we're getting a ton of questions about how others can start their very own moringa business and even how to join the cooperative.

I want to teach how you can use moringa in your everyday meals and how you can grow moringa in your own backyard and how you can start your very own moringa business. That's why I'd love to share with you, for a limited time, the one-on-one consultation with myself, now available at

Take some time to learn about moringa, one-on-one with me, the expert moringa grower here in the Tampa Bay area.


- how to grow moringa from seed

- how to cultivate moringa as a food source

- all the steps in starting your very own moringa business

- how to harvest moringa trees

- how to make products from moringa

- how to grow your moringa business wherever you are, in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Costa Rica, South America, Africa and Even India

I'd love to give you some of the tips and tricks that I've learned about growing moringa over the past seven years. I've been so passionate about learning about this tree that I've dived in deep into every single aspect of it, ensuring no part of this tree goes to waste. There are many many useful products that can be made from this one tree.

Do you have some space and don't know where to start or where to plant your moringa trees?

Spend some time with me, let me take a tour of your property, virtually, and I'll show you where to plant your moringa trees. Let me show you how to design your moringa food forest using permaculture practices. I'm a certified permaculture instructor as well as an architect.

Get insights from an expert and a professional, who is passionate about Moringa.

Talk with me one-on-one, either on the phone, in person here at the Moringa Growers Co-op in Plant City, FL or on a zoom chat.

I'll be able to go in depth, one-on-one and spend time with you, address your needs, answer specific questions and give you the time that you deserve. Let's run the numbers for your property.

Pair product with your consultation.

We have in stock for a limited time, high quality moringa products, air dried in small batches. We have large amounts of loose leaf, powder and capsules available.

Use the loose leaf in teas or include it in any meal as a nutritional additive.

Add the powder to smoothies or in baking and many many other ways. Also, even in supple