The Final Step: Seedlings Moved Outside

Hello everyone!

This week I finally transplanted a few of my Moringa seedlings into a pot. I chose to grow a few trees in containers so that they can be moved indoors in the winter.

Here’s what I did. The soil was rather dry, so I made sure to completely soak it. It took a while to really get it soaked because the soil didn’t want to absorb water at first. The whole process, to prepare and plant the seedlings, took 45 minutes, though the actual planting took about 5 minutes.

I picked out the healthiest looking seedlings and transplanted them into small holes in the soil. I had a bit of difficulty getting the seedlings out of their grow tray due to the shape and layout of the tray.

If you want to skip the seed starting step, you can get seedlings from the MGC.

Sorry to say, most of my other seedlings are not doing very well. If you read my previous posts, you see that they survived sunburn, nutrient deficiency and me having a busy life while learning to grow Moringa from seed for the first time.

We recently had a heavy rainstorm that dumped about an inch of rain in two days. My Moringa were outside, but in a bad place. I had them underneath the eaves of my house. Unfortunately, we don’t have rain gutters all around our house so the rain coming off of our roof poured into my grow tray, flooding the seedlings. I hope that some of them will survive!

I also staked the seedlings that I did plant. I used a skewer to help support them. I have placed the skewers in such a way that the Moringa is leaning up against them. When the seedlings get a bit bigger, I will tie them up to the skewer if I need to.

I have not yet completed my raised bed garden area, but I’ll need to have it ready very soon if I am to grow more Moringa. I hope this weather gives me a break so that I can finish setting up the area, and get the seeds planted.

While I wait for the Moringa to grow tall, I still purchase greens and other products from the MGC. If you haven't already, try the Moringa Tree Starter Kit. It comes with a variety of items and free seedlings!

Thanks for joining me on my seed starting journey!

Since the seeds have been started, and the now seedlings are ready to go outside, this will be my last blog post on the Moringa Growers’ Co-op website. Perhaps I may return to blog about more Moringa topics in the future. Let us know what you want to see.

If you’d like to follow me and my Moringa more, I’ll have my own website for you to visit soon. It’s not up yet but you will find me at

Good Luck with your Moringa Journey!

~ Theresa

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