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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Moringa Tree Workshop Facebook Event

Sunday | August 18th 2019 | 1-3pm

Greetings and Welcome!

Together with Sweetwater Organic Farm, The Moringa Grower's Co-op presents 'The Moringa Tree Workshop'

Join us on Sunday, August 18th From 1-3 pm at Sweetwater Organic Farm.

Learn how to...

-grow moringa trees in pots

-grow moringa trees from cuttings

-grow moringa trees in the ground

-harvest moringa trees for greens and seedpods

-prepare moringa tree products for personal use

-create nutrient rich food with moringa recipes

-press moringa seeds for oil in cosmetics

Also, learn more about the Moringa Grower's Co-op (MGC) and it's team of moringa tree enthusiasts who grow, harvest and process local Tampa Bay area moringa trees. The MGC grows moringa trees in pots and also processes and sells products made from the moringa trees into leaf and root teas, protein powders, supplements and seed oil for the benefit of human, animal and plant consumption. The MGC is a for-profit corporation that operates 'at-cost' and returns all profits back to it's owner-members. The MGC consists of moringa tree growers and moringa tree workers. Together, as a legal cooperative, the community of moringa enthusiasts grow, harvest and package local Tampa Bay area moringa trees.

Suggested $10 donation to Sweetwater Organic Community Farm. Thank you for your support.

Sweetwater Organic Farm

6942 W Comanche Ave Tampa, Florida 33634 (813) 887-4066

Since 2015, the MGC has planted tens of thousands of moringa trees, on over 300+ properties in the Tampa Bay area.

Today, each moringa tree in the Tampa Bay area is cared for and maintained by the MGC's knowledgeable and highly trained Moringa Tree Professionals.

Learn more about the moringa tree industry and how you can be apart of the MGC. Contact Kendrick Henry today.

Gratitude and Prosperous Growing.


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