Water, Fertilizer and Pre-Soaking My Seeds

Hello Everyone! This week I’ll be writing about how I water and fertilize my Moringa sprouts and share the results of pre-soaking my seeds!

I have been watering my Moringa with a small watering can and a spray bottle when the soil starts to dry out. It is quite easy to tell when the soil is getting dry; the color changes from a dark brown to a light tan brown. I usually mist the soil with the spray bottle. Now and then I use a small watering can to water my Moringa, for a deep watering. I prefer using the spray bottle most often because when I use the watering can, I run the risk of dislodging the seeds, sprouts, and soil.

I don’t use any special water, just local city tap water. This water comes from two sources, groundwater and river water.

Of the first planting, 15 of the 18 seeds have sprouted, and of the second batch, 11 have sprouted. The third planting has one sprout just barely peeking above the soil. In total, I have 27 Moringa growing!

Once the last frost has passed, I will be planting more seeds but directly into the ground, due to limited space in the grow tray. The Grow Kit available from the MGC can hold more seeds than a typical 72 cell grow tray.

Now that I have some sprouts, this is the time that people typically start using fertilizer. I currently do not use fertilizer, because the soil I used is nutrient-rich potting soil. The only time I will need fertilizer is when I would transplant seedlings into the ground. The fertilizer I will use will be a mixture of compost and regular soil.

I did use a humidity dome to keep the soil moist until the seedlings grow too tall to fit under the humidity dome. For the seeds planted outside, I do not have a humidity dome for them, I will try to keep them moist.

The Results of Pre-Soaking Moringa seeds before planting them:

Trial Batch #1. Non soaked, dry seeds germinated in 15 days.

Trial Batch #2. Soaking the seeds outside, in the sunlight, for 1hr in a moist paper towel lead to germination time of 10 days, decreasing the germination time by 5 days.

Trial Batch #3. Soaking the seeds for 24hrs, in a moist paper towel, lead to a germination time of 8 days, decreasing the germination time by 7 days.

The first batch took longer to germinate than I expected and at day 14, I was a bit concerned. the germination time by 5-7 days, which I think is significant.

Overall, the soaking reduced Luckily it is possible to purchase seedlings!

That's my Moringa story so far. Comment below to ask any questions of myself or the MGC Team. Let us know if you're growing Moringa, starting seeds or just thinking about it. We want to hear your stories too!

Until next time,

~ Theresa

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