10 moringa trees 6 inch

Greetings Moringa Tree Enthusiasts!


Each order of 10 moringa trees comes with a FREE 5g bag of moringa seeds. 


Moringa Trees grow much better in groups. Please plant more than 1, ideally 3 in one location. Plant several at your community garden. Give some trees to your neighbors. 


Plant all 10 moringa trees along a fence to create a moringa food hedge.


Moringa trees are now available for shipping around the USA and also available for local Tampa Bay area delivery or pick-up.


Young moringa trees in 6"x1" cone pots, grown from local Tampa Bay area moringa tree seeds provided by the Moringa Growers' Co-op. 


Moringa Tree Age: 60-90 days from sprouting. 



These moringa tree seedlings are acclimated to Southwest Florida growing conditions, collected from seeds that have been growing in Tampa Bay area for several generations.


*The MGC moringa trees grown in pots were not sprouted from seeds grown in another country* this is important for growing a stronger tree in the Tampa Bay area.


The variety of moringa tree sold here is known as 'moringa oleifera'. This hardy drought-tolerant tree is native to India and grows well in Tampa.


Grow Moringa on a 6-12" mound of sandy soil, cover with oak mulch and allow roots to drain with no standing water.  Moringa love full sun, once woody material has formed on the stem.  Protect young trees from too much sun, once placed in the ground, with shading (sticks or palm frons). Then remove shade devices once she has grown to show some bark.


Trim the moringa tree to reach a desired height, then allow shoots to form creating 'fingers'. Moringa can easily be managed, soft wood allows for fast growth and shallow root system.  


Cultivate fresh leaves for daily nutrition. Make powder, teas and spices from the dried leaves. Utilize the flowers, seed pods and seeds for many other uses.


Thank you for growing miss moringa, she will surely be a asset to your home or garden space!  

10 moringa trees 6 inch

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  • Where to Plant?


    Choosing a suitable environment is essential for Moringa to grow well. 


    Moringa is originally from Northwest India, adapted to the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.


    Direct exposure to sunlight, warmth and water with loamy soil is crucial for this tree.


    "High and Dry"  Drought tolerant Moringa Oleifera


    For those who live in the United States, particularly the southern and western states, you are in luck and can grow Moringa outdoors. The Philippines cultivates most of its Moringa during the summer, though, it can be grown year-round, in any tropical, sub-tropical, temperate or equatorial climate.


    Within the United States, we believe that Moringa grows well in Hardiness Zones 9 and 10 outdoors. With the right conditions, it can grow in Zone 8 as well.


    What Zone Do You Live In?


    Moringa does not like the cold and loses it leaves in colder climates, when the average temperature drops below 70 degrees.


    For those who have a true winter, where it freezes and snows, we recommend that you plant Moringa in pots, keeping them outside in the spring and summer and bring them inside when it gets cold. With the exception of tropical climates, Moringa goes dormant in winter. If it gets too cold outside, the tree will die unless kept warm inside. When Moringa goes dormant the leaves fall off and branches shrivel. A greenhouse is ideal in most areas. The plant will die if it freezes completely, but it can withstand a mild frost.


    Community Moringa plantations usually crop the trees so they don’t exceed 3-4 meters. Such a height allows the harvesters reasonable access and the cropping encourages horizontal growth enabling greater leaf production.

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