This Development package is the first step towards creating a Moringa Farm, no matter what you're starting with. The design and product will be customized to you and your farmland to meet your business goals.


This Farm Development Package was created for Commercial Growers with 5 acres of farm land or less. This package includes a complete site analysis and design. It can be applied to both currently used farm land and land that is bare, or needs repurposing.


The MGC will guide you through the process of starting your farm and will be there through all of the steps, from site assessment through how and where to place Moringa seeds, trees or cuttings.


You will start with our Farm Startup Package, then we will follow up with a complete Site Design and implementation consultation.


Farm installation can be completed by the MGC or it's approved partners, fees vary based on installation requirements. Or, installation can be handled by your team.  The included Moringa Training Program includes tree, seedling and cutting planting training will take place at the MGC Plant City location.


Upon confirming your development package we will start your Farm Development Journey immediately. Here's what you can expect:


1. Phone or Video Conference Consultation with Kendrick Henry, 1hr

- In this Introduction Call, Kendrick will get to know you and your farm goals

- Be ready to receive unique ideas maybe even a little homework, before the site visit.

- After this initial consultation, we will be in regular contact with you as we move forward together.


2. Site Visit, In Person with Kendrick Henry, 2hr

- Kendrick will visit your site, to get an in-depth and complete understanding of the landscape.

- Please be sure that the site is accessible and safe to traverse by foot. Site Visits can be rescheduled if necessary.

- We will be in contact with you to obtain any drawings or documents beforehand.

- This information will be used to generate a site design, which can take up to two weeks to complete. Time varies based on land size and current state of the land (bare/ in use/ needs clearing).


3. Soil Test - The MGC works with the UF Soil Testing Lab.

- We will collect the appropriate samples, according to the UF guidelines, and follow-up with the results.


4. Service and Expectations

- Once the site visit and soil test are complete, we will work with you to determine the next step towards your Moringa Farm.

- We will outline our role and what is expected of farmers who have the goal of becoming a Co-op Member. Membership is not required, though an option.


5. Site Design

- Expect a full technical report including a digital model printout of your farm.

- Based on your land and your goals, the site design will incorporate all the design elements of your Moringa Farm, and a complete list of materials required.

- List of Materials will include not only Moringa products, but agriculture requirements such as irrigation and infrastructure requirements and recommendations.


6. Moringa Tree Training (Can be completed before Site Design is finalized)

- In person, at the MGC Plant City Location

- You and select members of your team will be invited to get to know the Moringa Tree Personally

- Learn:

1. The techniques to grow Moringa from seed or from cuttings

2. Fertilization requirements and scheduling

3. Practice proper handling of the Moringa Tree

4. How to protect the trees from being damaged by nature, pests or other threats

5. Take a tour of the farm and see the processing equipment that you may want later on.


7. Installation of Farm

- Go ahead with the site design and a set of new skills, go grow some greens!

- Professional services may be required for some of the infrastructure elements.


We look forward to working with you towards getting your Farm Started, and realizing your goals. 

Farm Development (5 Acres or Less)

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