Moringa Powder - 1kg | Puebla, Mexico

Moringa Oleifera Powder | 1kg | Organically Grown in Puebla, Mexico.


Farm: El Palo Prieto

Farmer: Adrian Tapia

Location: Chiautla de Tapia - Puebla, Mexico 


Adrian has been farming moringa oleifera trees for several years. His farm, El Palo Prieto, has over 4,500 moringa trees. Each one of Adrian's moringa trees are organically grown and watered with fresh spring water. 


Together with his team of dedicated moringeros, Adrian harvests his moringa leaves early in the morning, while the sap and nutrition are still high. This ensures the maximum value of the vitamins and minerals are found in the moringa leaves.


He takes very good care of his moringa trees, making sure the soil is prepared and free from weeds. Adrian amends the land with organic compost and added rock nutrients. Adrian also uses moringa bio-char for waste reduction and incorporates several other regenerative agricultural techniques to grow the highest quality moringa in Mexico.     


Adrian and his family enjoy spending time on the moringa farm together, in nature. They also run a family food distribution business that services hotels in the surrounding area. Their mission is to provide quality food for their clients.


Adrian has begun utilizing his knowledge of moringa to educate friends and farmers in his community. He teaches others how to use it and envisions it being added to even more everyday meals, in the near future. 


Moringa Powder - 1kg | Puebla, Mexico

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